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Let us help you choose the health insurance plan that fits you best. At Kauffman Insurance Group we know picking the best insurance for you and your family can be hard. Let us help you understand and decide the plan that fits your needs.


Kauffman Insurance Agency was founded by Mrs Kauffman in 2014. Under her leadership, KIG has been built around a responsive, family-atmosphere that prides itself on outstanding service that makes clients feel part of the KIG Family.

Today, KIG has grown to nearly 12 Thousand clients. Kauffman is a licensed life and health insurance producer, and is a leading industry figure. She serves in leadership positions for trade organizations and corporations. Previously, has been the top producer agency in the country for UNITED HEATH CARE , as well as sponsored by different insurance carriers due to their clean business and reputation.

Kauffman has tested-experience developing insurance programs for businesses such as her business and helped them duplicate what she is doing . 
KIG is run by one guiding principle: treat others as you wish to be treated. Raised in south Florida, Shirly was always top producer no matter where she worked . She managed and own different insurance offices before going on her own . She loves what she do and that’s helping clients making the right decision when it comes to their insurance needs , Her love for helping others is what led her to persue her dreams. 

Separate from KIG, Kauffmann has also dedicated her life to being an active member of her community. She has volunteered her time to non-profit organizations and has been a member of local, statewide and national charitable organizations. Kauffman was also involved with her sons sports teams, serving as a coach. For Kauffman, she understands that nothing can be accomplished without the support of your community.
Kauffman has been recognized for her distinguished sense of good public policy. Her compassion for every person; her love for her family; her unwavering commitment to serving her community.
Her ability to connect in a meaningful way to everyone who comes in contact with her, is truly remarkable.”
Mrs. Kauffman and her husband had lived in south Florida for nearly 20 years where they raised Mrs Kauffman son Marcus. Shirly has 1 brother and 1 sister who she is very close to. She loves to spend time with her mom and dad and travel to visit her family over sees one a year. Mrs. Kauffman spends most of her time in the office which she calls that her home . When she is not at work she is usually on the field .

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